Events in Deniz Mall

07 February, 2023

Conquering hearts with unique brands such as Flash Kart, Sky Park, Kinderland, U Dyadi Maksa, Vasilchuki Chaihona 1, Deniz Mall also hosted remarkable events in 2022. Deniz Mall, which signed colorfully with various flash mobs, master-classes, shows, foreign cultural events, exhibitions, and last but not least, "Deniz Carnival", sealed the end of the year with a great concert!

On December 25, for the first time Deniz Mall held a completely different concept concert. This time, Deniz Mall brought Ayaz Babayev who is one of the most popular performers of recent years to meet his fans.

The famous songs of the performer were greeted with applause and enthusiasm by the mall’s guests. The concert left created memories with joyful moments.

It should be noted that Deniz Mall is preparing to welcome its guests with music and surprises in 2023 and welcomes everyone come to Deniz Mall!


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