New flavor Zafferano coming soon at Deniz Mall!

05 June, 2021

Zafferano, which combines the national gastronomic history of Azerbaijan with modern Baku cuisine and offers unforgettable flavors, will soon be at Deniz Mall!

"Zafferano" in Italian means "saffron" - the oldest and most expensive spice added to the dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine. Offering a variety of meat dishes and pilaf, Zafferano offers 12 types of fragrant kebabs from modern Baku cuisine, delicious mini-kutabs made by hand, fragrant spices, delicate marinades, famous Baku greens, delicious dishes made with the freshest vegetables. Not only our national cuisine but also your favorite dishes of European cuisine are on the Zafferano menu.

With a modern and eye-catching interior, Zafferano is coming to Deniz Mall soon!


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