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CASA Culinary Art Center of Azerbaijan

CÀSÀ (Culinary Arts Center of Azerbaijan) is a culinary art Center founded in 2021 at the heart of rich culture and home to an ancient flavourful cuisine, Baku, Azerbaijan.
CÀSÀ’s core values are embodied in the striking features of the venue itself: quality, modernity, and innovation. CÀSÀ’s goal is to redefine culinary art and hospitality training in the region and to revolutionize these industries locally and internationally through robust and innovative programs.
The school offers a wide range of programs covering all aspects of the culinary world, such as cookery, patisserie, artisan, and amateur programs. CÀSÀ complements its exquisite programs with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to ensure students receive a well-rounded experience on all levels.

CÀSÀ now at Deniz Mall!

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