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iSpace is the only sales center with Apple Premium Reseller status in Azerbaijan.

Apple Premium Reseller status is given only to professionals in their business.

In our stores you can not only buy an iPhone, a Mac computer or an iPad tablet, but also other Apple products and accessories. iSpace is, first of all, a place imbued with the Apple atmosphere, where you will be helped in choosing the equipment, taught how to use it, given advice on the use of your gadgets and offered quality accessories.

At iSpace you can work with any iPhone or iPad, watch demonstrations of newly available Apple products, or take part in trainings, master classes and events dedicated to the latest technologies. We know everything about Apple products. And we're ready to share.

Our salespeople are true experts in their field. And Apple's high-quality, convenient, easy-to-use technology is a pleasure for its users and requires virtually no technical support

In our store with Apple Premium Reseller status - iSpace - we always have a huge range of accessories for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod. Plus, our trained Apple experts can help you identify third-party products and solutions available for Apple products. They will carefully consider your preferences and give professional advice on issues that interest you.

In our store you can always find all the products you need.

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