New concept on the terrace of the Deniz Mall - Vasilchuki Chaihona No1

21 May, 2021

We would like to inform you that a new restaurant with a different concept has joined the Deniz Mall terrace, which has become everyone's favorite from the first days.

Vasilchuki Chaihona No1, with its extraordinary design, has been conceived to create a sense of satisfaction for all guests. Specially composed VIP rooms for important business meetings, enjoyment of live music for romantic couples, real comfort and delicious food for everyone who wants to spend time with family and loved ones, in short, even the smallest details to please all guests at Vasilchuki Chaihona No1 thought out.

Your new favorite place Vasilchuki Chaihona No1, which promises a real comfort format in a big city with its fascinating cuisine offering Asian, Japanese, Russian and a variety of flavors, is at the Deniz Mall!


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